Individual and Group classes

Special Interest Groups and Group Coaching



A few options include:

· Corporate lunch-and-learns

· Pantry makeovers and grocery store tours.

· Craving series 

· Sugar series 

· Adrenal support and self care

· Healthy Entertaining

I will listen to what your specific needs are, then we can tailor a program that fits your schedule and budget. 

Individual Coaching



These are intensive, focused and individualized sessions. In addition to coaching/counseling these can include in-home cooking classes, pantry makeovers and grocery store tours.

You will first need to complete an on-line Health History and schedule a free 50 minute discovery session. 

We will review your information and outline a potential coaching plan to determine if this is a good match for you.


After this, the cost is $85/session. Sessions can be in person or by Skype. I offer short term and long term plans.

Cooking classes



I love cooking classes!

In your own home: This can be a 1:1 class or with a group of friends or co-workers so you can split the cost. 

I believe that cooking feeds your body, mind, and soul. It allows you to control the food you put into your body and helps you to bond with your family and friends while making a home cooked meal. 

And you will never be adding weird and toxic chemicals to the foods you are cooking it yourself!


Food is Medicine RVA



A six month series meeting once per month

These groups are designed as an affordable way to receive health coaching in a small group where we employ diet and lifestyle strategies to create wellness.  The group is limited to 12 members to keep the cost affordable while still providing a significant opportunity for individual attention. 

 When you join the Food is Medicine RVA group you will complete a detailed, on-line Health History so that Terri can become familiar with your specific health journey and individual needs. 

You will receive a binder at the beginning of the program  that begins with goal setting exercises.

Lecture Series

Omega-3’s for Brain Injury, ADD and Depression



This is a 45 or 90 minute lecture depending on your groups needs. As an Occupational Therapist I have been treating brain injured children and adults from the ICU to Rehab for over 30 years. I am passionate about providing the best possible therapy, resources and nutritional support to maximize my patient’s recovery. 

I have had the great fortune of working directly with the top researchers in the world at NIMH and the FDA on the use of high-dose fish oil for treatment of brain injury, concussions, depression, anxiety and ADD.

 This lecture will share the dramatic results that patients have experienced using this new protocol. This is a very informative lecture and includes specific protocols for concussions, severe brain injuries, depression and ADHD for dramatic outcomes. 

Leaky Gut Syndrome: The Road to Health is Paved with Good Intestines


This is an information-packed lecture that explains how undigested food particles can “leak” into the blood stream and then wreak havoc with our immune system; being a precursor for auto-immune disease, allergies and chronic illness. 

This lecture focuses in part on causes but mostly highlights fixes on using specific foods, supplements and programs needed to heal and seal the gut to restore health.

We will discuss how to optimize digestion through dietary and lifestyle strategies but mostly how to "heal and seal" our guts with the 5-R program used in Functional Medicine

Leaky Gut Syndrome and Autoimmune Disease



This is a focused lecture that highlights how autoimmune diseases can be reversed by healing our gut, eliminating specific foods from our diets and limiting our exposure to environmental toxins. 

Many are surprised to learn that their gut health needs to be repaired even when there is an absence of “obvious” gut symptoms. 

This lecture highlights the upstream thinking of Functional Medicine, and focuses on root causes and lifestyle changes that help support the body’s ability to heal itself.

Auto immune diseases now affect one out of every five Americans. That is an astonishing and alarming statistic! But many are finding a road to recovery with these approaches.

Meet your microbiome



This lecture includes information on leaky gut (AKA intestinal permeability) but specifically highlights the amazing role that our gut microbiome has on virtually every aspect of our health! 

This is revolutionary information and was only recently unlocked by researchers 10 years ago, thanks to advances in genetic sequencing. We now know that our gut microbiome determines the health of our immune system, our nervous system, our emotions, our cravings, our skin, our heart health, how our hormones function and even turns our disease causing genes on or off. That is just amazing! 

This lecture focuses on the foods and supplements to add or remove to support this incredible master organ to support our best health. This lecture is a must for anyone interested in improving their symptoms for neurological illness, autoimmune disease, chronic pain, brain fog, anxiety, depression, skin disorders or weight gain struggles. 

You will be amazed to learn just how critical a balanced microbiome is to re-creating your best health and how sensitive it is to certain foods and habits.

Conquer Your Cravings!



This is a standalone lecture or a four-part series. 

I review in detail how the food industry has intentionally hijacked our hormones and neurology to cause us to fall face first into a bag of potato chips or cookies before you even realize what happened! I highlight how traditional diets were able to keep us healthy in the past and how the rapid rise of obesity and degenerative illnesses has correlated with changes in the food industry. 

The main focus is to explore various reset diets so you can hit the stop button on those cravings and then you can transition to more whole food eating. Various reset diets we will explore include:

  • Metabolic  (i.e. Sugar Detox, Keto diets)
  • Hormone Balancing
  • Cleansing (opening detox pathways)
  • Elimination diets (food sensitivities and allergies)
  • Gut Healing and Microbiome balancing

You are given strategies to improve mindfulness and self care as a further antidote to unconscious eating. The main focus of this program is to help you transition into a diet and lifestyle that helps you reclaim your health and reduce pain.

Adrenal Support and Self Care:


This is a standalone lecture or a four-part series.

 It seems like so many of us are just so overextended, stressed out and over committed. And this is hurting our health and relationships but many of us just feel trapped in this cycle!

Our modern living alone provides many challenges to our adrenal system that were not even on the radar just 30 years ago such as environmental toxins, electro-magnetic pollution and blue light from screens. 

This lecture focuses on how our Standard American Diet (aka SAD), devices, unconsciousness eating and lack of self care are leaving us with extra weight and autoimmune diseases. 

This program also includes small group exercises that help you discover some strategies you can immediately begin to implement for better balance in your life. 

Live Cell Microscopy

What specific information does the analysis cover?


Also called Nutritional Blood Analysis or Live Cell Analysis, this is a unique test done by viewing a fresh drop of your blood (from a finger prick) through a microscope.

 Bright field and dark field perspectives are used to analyze the various features; the image is projected onto a monitor so you are also viewing the sample during the analysis. 

The effect is very compelling as you are seeing yourself at the cellular level and are gaining a greater understanding of how your diet and lifestyle choices are affecting your health.

· You receive a customized report and a detailed action plan on how to apply the information to your diet, supplement choices and lifestyle changes immediately.

What kinds of recommendations will I receive?


· We will discuss potential nutrient needs such as B12, folic acid, iron and antioxidants.

· Digestion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats are discussed and potential benefit of adding targeted digestive food enzymes.

· Possible candida and parasite load may be discussed.

· Corrective programs, herbal or nutritional supplements may be recommended.

· Detoxification programs or lifestyle changes may be discussed.

· The effect of excessive emotional stress on our overall health is discussed. It is amazing to learn the huge impact that our thought patterns has on our cells, both positively and negatively! 

The analysis is an educational tool and does not diagnose, prescribe, treat or make claims to cure.


Cost is $110 per session.



Sessions take one hour and require a two hour fast prior to your appointment.

· You receive a customized report and a detailed action plan on how to apply the information to your diet, supplement choices and lifestyle changes immediately.

· You also receive detailed information about how to optimize different areas of digestion, heal leaky gut, balance your microbiome and support your immune system


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